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Module: Dealer Web Access Mobile View Module: Dealer Web Access Mobile View

Gives access to the Dealers through smartphones and tablets pcs to the information of their subscribers within the system. The Dealer will be able to visualize the complete data of the clients such as: address, telephone numbers, zones, contacts and the received events history.

It is an easy and practical tool for the Dealer; providing portability to its management and immediate audit. If the user is a "Technician" it is possible to perform special tasks such as changing the status of an account (test mode etc.), verify associated service orders and send notification messages by arrival or departure from and to thetarget, from any device with internet access.

The dealers can enter from their smartphone or table through an Internet browser, without requiring the sending of faxes or e-mails to entrust the monitoring company with the registration, modification, or deletion of data from their clients. All the administrative management for the dealers is optimized in this access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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