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Module: Video Verification Module: Video Verification

It was designed to integrate video and audio to the alarm events received at the central station in a simple and intuitive way, at the operator’s request or simply following verification routines or periodic control. The importance of video monitoring lies in the notorious decrease of the dispatched false alarms rate and the most efficient event solution.

What are the functions of the SoftGuard Video Module?

1-It administrates the access operators have to see (or not see) each accounts video. It only receives images in case of events but can be accessed from the central station to carry out periodic verification routines, etc.

2- It manages the relation between accounts and video equipments + cameras installed in the customer’s protected place.

3- It links each customer’s alarm videoclip history to the monitoring accounts database.

4-It generates a detailed operation log of the access to the video by each of the central station operators.

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