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SmartSMS the new SoftGuard service

July 3rd, 2018

SmartSMS is the new application for mobile phones, developed by SoftGuard to manage the text messages sending (SMS). 

Essentially, the application converts a smartphone into a device for SMS notifications sending, taking advantage of the Desktop Security Suite platform functions, which allows the client to be notified automatically without an operator intervention, when an alarm event is received at the monitoring station.

What do I need to use SmartSMS?

- This service requires a smartphone device, with Android operating system, with WiFi internet connection.

- A simcard enabled to send SMS through the network operator with enough credit / balance to complete the sending.

- A license for the SmartSMS module, enabled in the SoftGuard system.

-Acquire one (1) license for each smartphone (SMS modem) to be used for each different service provider.

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