ET ALAS URUGUAY SEGUREX 2019 Security Forum Barcelona ISC Las Vegas 2019 Road Show GVS Proteger 2018 College and University Police and Investigators Conference (CUPIC) SecuriTour Tucuman 2018 ISC Las Vegas 2018 Alas Technological Breakfast - Dominican Republic WEBINAR - Massive business for monitoring people 7MAR WEBINAR - Massive business for monitoring people 28FEB Seminar : Upscaling in monitoring Seguritec Perú 2018 Expo Seguridad México 2018 Alas Technological Meeting - Peru Alas Technological Meeting - Costa Rica Alas Technological Meeting - Monterrey Sicur 2018 Intersec Dubai 2019 ISC Las Vegas 2017 Mobile Word Congress 2017 Comercial Webinar on video platform D-Guard 31St Financial Security Conference The HUMAN MONITORING is breaking the market The HUMAN MONITORING is breaking the market Seguri Expo 2016 - Ecuador Electronic security exposition INTERSEC 2016 E+S+S 2015 - Colombia ALAS MANAGEMENT SUMMIT 2016 Seguritec 2016 - PERU ExpoSec 2016 - BRAZIL Security Expo Mexico 2016 Webinar - Course: Using the SmartPanics NG Module Sicurezza 2015 - Italy Technology Meeting ALAS - Peru 2015 Electronic Security Day CASEL - Tucuman 2015 Technology Meeting ALAS - Dominican Republic 2015 Curso de Certificacion para Administrador SoftGuard - Chile 2015 ALAS Technological Meeting - Costa Rica 2015 Free conference: The future of monitoring today! - Argentina 2015 Free Conference: DOUBLE YOUR MONITORING INCOME - Colombia 2015 E+S+S 2015 - Colombia ALAS Technological Meeting - Guatemala 2015 Electronic Security Day CASEL - Rosario 2015 Free Conference: DOUBLE YOUR MONITORING INCOME - ECUADOR 2015 Portugal Exhibition 2015 Free Conference: DOUBLE YOUR MONITORING INCOME - Mexico 2015 Conference: The Role of Smartphones in Security –Mexico Security Expo 2015 ALAS Technological Meeting - Puerto Rico 2015 Latin American Summit of Cities and Local Governments 2015 XXVI Administrator Certification Course - Buenos Aires 2015 Seguri Expo 2015 - Buenos Aires Ecuador Public Safety Expo 2015 Mexico Security Expo 2015 XXV SG Administrator Certification Course - Panama 2014 XII International Fair and Congress for Local Government WEBINAR - Course: Creating partitions in the Desktop Platform WEBINAR - Course: Adding users in the Desktop Platform WEBINAR - Course: Using the SG Video Plus Module WEBINAR - Course: Using the SG SmartPanics Application 24th SoftGuard Administrator Certification Course - Mexico 2014 Electronic Security Day Cordoba - Argentina ALAS MANAGEMENT SUMMIT 2015 SICUREZZA 2014 WEBINAR - Curso: Uso del menú tablas módulo MoneyGuard Portugal Exhibition 2014 WEBINAR - Course: Monitoring module parameters Conferencia E+S+S - Your business is a much better business with SmartPanics WEBINAR - Course: Adding Users for the Desktop Web Platform WEBINAR - Course: Creation and Association of formats WEBINAR - Course: Using the Technical Service Desktop module WEBINAR - Course: Using the SmartPanics Module WEBINAR - Course: Using the Account Administrator on the Desktop platform WEBINAR - Course: Customizing the Desktop Platform E+S+S 2014 - Colombia WEBINAR - Course: Automation of Processes in SG Monitoring WEBINAR - Course: Addition of SMS Modem WEBINAR - Course: Using Partitions in the SG Desktop Web Platform WEBINAR - Course: Complete Event Attention in SG Monitoring SoftGuard Mexico Conference 2014 - Your Business is a Much Better Business with SmartPanics - FREE SoftGuard Argentina Conference - Integrated Monitoring System and Web Desktop Platform Seguri Expo 2014 - Ecuador Seguritec 2014 - Peru WEBINAR - Course: Using Tabbles in the SG MoneyGuard Module WEBINAR - Course: Addition of New Users in the Desktop Platform WEBINAR - Course: Using the SmartPanics Module Invitation to the 5th SoftGuard Business Forum - Cancun October 2014 - 3 days/nights at an all inclusive resort WEBINAR : Course - Using the Desktop Web Platform WEBINAR : Course - Using the Technical Service Module Mexico Security Expo WEBINAR - Course: Using the Dealer Web Desktop Module WEBINAR - Course: Using the SmartPanics Module WEBINAR - Course: Using the Account Administration Desktop Module WEBINAR - Course: Desktop Platform Customization FISEG 2014 - Panama Seguri Expo 2014 - Argentina Integrated Central American Security Expo 2014 - Nicaragua SICUR 2014 - International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition - Madrid SoftGuard Conference in Santo Domingo - 2013 E+S+S Conference - ONLINE Network Monitoring XXI SG Aministrator Certification Course - Madrid II SoftGuard Iberica Work Day - Madrid New Elearning Course - SQL Server 2008 Portugal Exhibition 2013 ALAS Summit Meeting Invitation to the 4th SoftGuard Business Forum – Punta Cana November 2013 – 2 days/nights at All inclusive FISEG PANAMA 2013 - International Security Fair 19th certification course for SoftGuard administrators - MEXICO 2013 Sicur Latinoamerica 2013 - Chile Segurshow 2013 - Venezuela XIII Latin American Congress for automated banking - United States Seguriexpo Ecuador - 2013 E+S 2013 - Colombia Mexico Security Expo - 2013 Seguriexpo 2013 - Argentina Invitation to SoftGuard Conference - SEGURSHOW CARACAS 2012 18th Intensive SOFTGUARD ADMINISTRATOR CERTIFICATION Technical Course - Venezuela Sicurezza 2012 - Italy Invitation to the SoftGuard busines Forum - Panama November 2012 - 2 days/nights in All inclusive Invitation to SoftGuard Conference - E+S BOGOTA 2012 XXVII Felaban & Fiba Bank Security Congress 2012 3rd Conference and Security Exposition - Panama 2012 Invitation to the SoftGuard Conference - FISEG CHILE 2012 Webinar: Using report tab or system reporting (monitoring) - 1st Edition - Wednesday August 22, 2012 Invitation to SoftGuard Conference - Intersec Bs As 2012 SG Parameters and tables - 2nd edition - Spanish : Wednesday August 8, 2012 Webinar : SG Parameters and tables- 1st Edition : Wed, July 25th, 2012 17th Practical Certification Course for SG Administrators 4th FISEG 2012 - Internation aSecurity Fair Chile 9th Seguritec security fair Peru 2012 Mercoseguridad 2012 Segurshow 2012 12th Security Fair Colombia - E+S Intersec Buenos Aires 2012 10th Security Expo - Mexico 2012 18th Security Fair in Spain - SICUR 2012 15th Course for Softguard technical certification - Panama 2011 SoftGuard Conference - Caracas - Venezuela 2011 16th Practical course for technical certification for SoftGuard administrators SoftGuard Conference - Panama 2011 AVES Congress - Segurshow 2011 14th Technical Course for SoftGuard Administrator Certification in Spain Iberica SG Presentation 13th Vertification Course for SoftGuard Administrators - Chile 2011 Congress and security expo Panama 2011 Conference Security Fair Colombia 2011 Invitation to SoftGuard Cionference - Seguriexpo 2011 Segurshow 2011 12° SoftGuard administrators certification course - Mexico 2011 First annual security tradeshow MERCOSEGURIDAD - Punta del Este - Uruguay Security Fair Colombia 2011 Expo Segurity Mexico 2011 Seguriexpo B A 2011 - South american tradeshow of integral security Practical certification course for SG administrators - B A SoftGuard Monitoring in SALTA!! Annual technological updating training day for SoftGuard alarm monitoring SoftGuard - Last Generation Monitoring Technical training week in Mexico SoftGuard Monitoring in COLOMBIA - Conference in E+S Security Fair Colombia Segurshow Caracas 2010 Congress and Tradeshow International Security Tradeshow E+S Bogota 2010 SG presents the seminar: VIDEO recording leads the new century's monitoring security Electronic security exposition INTERSEC 2010 1st International Forum for SoftGuard users Costa Rica 2010 Punta del Este Security Forum - Uruguay 7th edition SoftGuard Seminar and new technologies for monitoring in Cordoba Users' technical certification - Mexico April 2010 Exposeguridad Mexico 2010 Expo SICUR Madrid 2010
SmartSMS the new SoftGuard service PC Line is our new distributor in Egypt. Successful business tour in Chile SoftGuard and Prosegur, together for more security We add more territories with a new distributor in Jordan SoftGuard makes history in the Middle East with its participation in Intersec Dubai 2018 Trinergia Technology Tour closes its tour with a unique event in Puerto Madero Smart SMS: An APP to Send Event Notifications by SMS Successful business tour in Peru We bring security solutions to SmartActiva Buenos Aires Nuevas funcionalidades SoftGuard We are still pioneers in security matters, we integrate Honeywell's RSI fronte with our monitoring software Now you can send PUSH notifications to your clients, during the attention of an alarm event Sicurezza 2015 - Italy ALAS Technological Meeting - Republica Dominicana 2015 ALAS Technological Meeting - Costa Rica 2015 SEGURIEXPO 2015 - Buenos Aires Welcome GVS Colombia, SoftGuard new distributor in Colombia Trade agreement with Seventh - Dguard for Video Monitoring Welcome Automa Electronica, SoftGuard new distributor in Chile International Security Fair E+S+S Colombia 2015 ALAS Technological Meeting - Chile 2015 ALAS Management Summit Miami 2015 Expo Seguridad Mexico 2015 Encuentro Tecnológico ALAS - Puerto Rico 2015 25th SoftGuard Administrator Certification Course - Panama SoftGuard Presentation in Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia 5th SoftGuard Business Forum - Cancun 2014 2014 International Security Fair E+S+S Colombia 2014 Ecuador SeguriExpo - SoftGuard Seminar at Alarm System’s training center in Ecuador Welcome SECURITY MARKET PERU SAC, the new SoftGuard distributor in Peru Welcome ARGO ELETTRONICA, the new SoftGuard distributor in Italy Risco - SoftGuard : Integration agreement between leaders Seguritec Peru 2014 Welcome Centennial de Getterson S.A.I.C, new sales channel in Argentina SoftGuard Conference: Integral Alarm Monitoring System and Desktop Web Platform at Centennial Argentina Securex 2014 - Poland Security Expo Mexico 2014 SoftGuard at SICUR 2014 Welcome DISELNIC, new distributor in Nicaragua Welcome TELEIMPRESORES, the new distributor in Uruguay 1st Breakfast Training for Operators 2014 23rd Certifcation Course for SoftGuard Administrators - Argentina 4th SoftGuard International Forum - Punta Cana 2013 SoftGuard at Portugal Exhibition 2013 THANK YOU SANTO DOMINGO, THANK YOU DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Dealer Web Access Mobile View, new SoftGuard module E+S+S Colombia 2013 Conference and 21st SoftGuard Administrator Certification Course - SPAIN 2013 Inactivity Alert Module XIII Latin American Automated Banking Congress - United States of America 20th SoftGuard Administrator Certification Course - ECUADOR 2013 How should the year end in business? Presenting: SG UNIVERSITY 2013 ALAS Summit Meeting, Miami Welcome PANASEG, new SG distributor in Panama Welcome Alarm Systems Ecuador, new SoftGuard dealer! Seguriexpo Ecuador - 2013 Interview with Daniel Banda at Mexico Security Expo 2013 RISCO GROUP invests in the constant improvement of your company's monitoring services 19th Certification course for SoftGuard administrators - MEXICO 2013 Expo Seguridad Mexico - 2013 SG IBERICA in Security Forum Barcelona 2013 Introducing SoftGuard Polska, in Polska Izba Ochrony SoftGuard Present in SICUR LATIN AMERICA - CHILE 2013 SoftGuard new Tecnoseguro Premium member Excellence Awards Mexico 2013 – SoftGuard Present New integration SoftGuard - Essence EverGuard Connect New Sales channel in Africa SOFTGUARD LAUNCH – New knowledge database 3rd International Forum SoftGuard - Panama 2012 Softguard Present at Sicurezza 2012 SOFTGUARD and DAVANTIS present new integration and add benefits for their customers Segurshow Venezuela 2012 – SG and PROELCA together! Panama International Security Conference & Expo 2012 Interview with Mr. Daniel Band Security Sales SoftGuard in E + S Colombia 2012 XXVII Congress of banking security Felaban & Fiba 2012 Fiseg Chile 2012 – Safety Fair SoftGuard present at INTERSEC B.A. 2012 SoftGuard present at ALAS 2012 Management Conference 17th Technical certification workshop for SoftGuard administrators – Buenos Aires SoftGuard Technology partner with HIKVISION SoftGuard executives visit to Clave 3 - Peru Seguritec Peru 2012 SoftGuard in Punta del Este! Expo Seguridad Mexico 2012 SoftGuard prepares you for the future, today! Madrid Security Fair - SICUR 2012 16 th Technical certification workshop for SoftGuard administrators- Buenos Aires 15th SoftGuard certification course in Panama 2nd International Business Forum with SoftGuard Spain: exceeded expectations in the First SoftGuard Technical Sessions DSC and SoftGuard with joint interests in Venezuela Participation and conference: SoftGuard-Proelca in Segurshow2011 Seguridad y Defensa TV Interview with SoftGuard Technologies CEO CAPASEP Tradeshow Participation and SoftGuard Conference – Panamá 2011 Welcome Panama Security Supllies!! New SoftGuard dealer in Panamá SoftGuard Conference in Security Fair Medellin 2011 SoftGuard Participation in Security Fair Medellin Welcome Proelca! New SoftGuard dealer in Venezuela Welcome Artilec! New SoftGuard dealer in Chile SSI Spain in technical specialization sessions New product launching: PETGUARD GPS Trucking for pets SeguriExpo Argentina 2011 exceeded all the expectations. SOFTGUARD and IOMNISCIENT sign integration agreement Mercoseguridad 2011 - Punta del Este SoftGuard Present in Mexico 2011! More after sale service for your company Visits at SoftGuard G4S chooses SoftGuard for its global operations Growing market for electronic security Our CEO's visit to the Monitoring Companies Chamber in Cuyo Workshop on certification for SG administrators Annual technological updating training session for alarm monitoring with SoftGuard SoftGuard recognized for advances in Videoalarm SoftGuard Salta 2010 Presentation CASEL Recognition awarded to Lic. Daniel Banda SoftGuard : Pioneers in VIDEOALARM Partnership for success between SoftGuard and Segurshow SoftGuard's successful presentation in Bogota E+S 2010 Colombia : New SoftGuard Channel ! Successful Cooperativism in Security with SoftGuard SoftGuard adds security success in CBP Country Mexico Bicentenary Week - Softguard Week SoftGuard Seminar in Intersec-Seguriexpo 2010 SoftGuard International Forum - Costa Rica 2010 Hikvision announces compatibility with SoftGuard SoftGuard opens new branch in Miami We are willing to see you at SEGURIEXPO-INTERSEC 2010 SoftGuard in Twitter Soccer links you to SoftGuard Congratulations to SoftGuard's new certified workers in Mexico SG Monitoring now includes Surveillance cars GPS control SoftGuard Presentations - 2010 Calendar of events New SoftGuard branch in Argentina Thanks, Venezuela! We integrate JR SECURITY GPRS SoftGuard in habitational centers -AAA- Better customer monitoring service SoftGuard thanks Paraguay G4S WACKENHUT implements SOFTGUARD ABITAB - URUGUAY : Model Monitoring System SEGURIEXPO 2009 : A complete success! Prominent User : ALCOM MONITORING Successful Case : INTEGRADORA DE ALARMAS Begin 2007 with 777 Special Offer SoftGuard Tech celebrates the 1000 modules! SoftGuard launches SG STARTER KIT PPA : IP total Compatibility SoftGuard offers solutions in Ibiza New SG Module Corporative customers Web Access New SG Certified Administrators in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay GPRS NANOCOMM total compatibility Strategic partnership in Spain Campaign: More leisure time for you! Inalef launches SG-WEB SITE Season's greetings! Launch: New SG- SCHEDULER module E-Learning SQL Server 2000 Level 1 Course Recommendation: GPRS Rounds and Attendings Control LEXUS GPRS is compatible now! SoftGuard in Americas Fire & Security Expo 2008 Expo Segurity Mexico 2008 ALAS supports launch of SOFTGUARD TRAINING SG WEBSITE launch Success at Bogota Colombia 2007 Certification Thankfulness from Uruguay Business Breakfast in Bogota Colombia Chevere Venezuela SG E Learning 1500 systems, 24 hours, 365 days, a commitment! Case Study : MONITOREO GLOBAL in Uruguay Solidarity with our brothers in PERU Present at ASE Miami Florida Republica Dominicana, there we go!!! SoftGuard in Portuguese June 18 together with SPYA Mundo Alarm and SoftGuard invite you to Puerto Rico Spya Lojas de Seguranca, Welcome !!! SoftGuard present with Trinegia in Rosario 2007 Exclusive benefits for users High technology level in Monitoring Mexico DF Workshop and Pre-Sell EXPO SEGURIDAD MEXICO SoftGuard at Expo Security Mexico 2007 SoftGuard, guest at TRINERGIA 2006 We are already waiting for you at E+S Bogota 2006 SG TRACKER SECUREWAY launch Uruguay August 9 and 10 - Security Forum