SoftGuard introduces the launch of the new Web Desktop platform which was designed to provide power, simplicity of use and portability. Your monitoring business, online now.

Applications are centralized within the private cloud of your company, allowing access from any web browser, including connection from tablets and smart phones. The User Management module gets installed to the Desktop platform to ensure validated accesses, providing the user with credentials where his actions will be segmented and parameterized. At the same time access via a "single login" or single access door facilitates entry and navigation on the desktop (Desktop) application.


Here are some of the new features for your business:


TRACKGUARD – Mobile monitoring of vehicles, people and pets

This module allows the tracking and mobile monitoring of various GPS device, relating them to subscriber accounts of the central system. It can also display positioning mapping, issue historical position reports, with filter per device and between dates, historical route graphic, activation/deactivation/modification of mobile accounts, incorporation of photographs an device data. It also includes grouping by fleet/corporate clients, etc. It uses mapping digitalized in Google Maps format.


DEALER WEB ACCESS – Wholesaler monitoring

Integral management for the provision of wholesaler monitoring service. It allows the territorial expansion of your business, ensuring the maintenance and management of the Dealers accounts. It includes activation/deactivation/full modification of accounts according to the user profile, historical reporting of alarms and audit actions for the station manager.

CRM DESKTOP - Sales and promotion

Integral management of contacts. It allows you to create marketing campaigns, track sales prospects, quotes price, create price lists, offers, mailing, meeting schedule, schedules sales calls, among others.


Designed for event processing with all the web power applied to decentralization. It allows you to work collaboratively to care for alarms admitting “networks” of monitors or scattered operators in diverse cities or locations of your company.


KEYGUARD DESKTOP – Control of keys

It allows the management and administration of physical keys of protected sites, maintaining stricter control of them, even without the availability of expensive electronic boards. It includes comprehensive audit and traceability of the keys given to security personnel and/or their custody at the central station.


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