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GPS vehicle and person monitoring

Monitor vehicles, persons and pets using GPS

If your monitoring company offers security and monitoring for client residences, his home, his offices, his industry, his store, why not offer the client protection and monitoring for his vehicles and routes?

With the TRACKGUARD module, you may have the tool to complement your security service and increase your monthly income.

The TRACKGUARD has been developed to track GPS equipments set on vehicles, cargo, or even people (Msd) and relate them to the customer’s central system account.

This system receives the location of the vehicle or person (latitude and longitude) and shows it on Google Maps Cartography, and, at the same time, the different alarm signals coming from devices are received.

Your company will have an animated itinerary of the vehicle route available, giving details about the event, location, speed and odometer values at different stages of the route.

Besides, a history report of received events can be seen, and it is also possible to send commands to the vehicle, for instance: stopping the engine, activating the alarm, availability of surround sound, etc.

It is also possible to create a Geo-fence, setting the areas and routes the vehicles may transit. If a vehicle leaves this geo-fence, the system will generate an alarm to be answered by the operator.

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