Here are the courses available for training and support from SoftGuard:


POST-SALE COURSE: All customers who purchase the SoftGuard system will receive 12 months of post-sale technical support and beginners training course to start operating the system free of charge.


E-LEARNING COURSES: (via online) In permanent support to the SOFTGUARDfor the alarm events monitoring  system  and understanding the high value of professional training, we invite all our users to the Integral Training Courses via E-Learning (remote connection via Internet). 
Thanks to this new educational service technology, all these courses can be taken  remotely, whenever possible to the trainee. 
All questions  can be send  by e-mail, Chat and weekly forum with our tutor.




1.Introduction to alarm monitoring.

2.Using the SoftGuard support tool.

3.Mastery of SQL SERVER –Level 1 - Administrators



CERTIFICATION COURSES: Our main objectives is to provide EXCELLENT SUPPORT services to train our SoftGuard system users thoroughly so that they can use 100% of the tools included in the operating system, the database engine and the applications.

For this purpose, every year we organize conferences and certification courses in several countries for our clients. They are lectured by our engineers, who travel specifically to certify use of the SoftGuard tool by each company's operators, supervisors and/or administrators.