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SG Web Report to the Authorities SG Web Report to the Authorities

The central system's incoming events are automatically transferred, pursuant to a decision table, with or without operator’s intervention, to the competent authorities (police department, fire department or emergency service and others). The remote terminals receive detailed information (including photos and plans). The system requires the remote operator's identification and confirmation.  

How do the monitoring station or sub-station authorities receive the events? 

The software module that receives the events, which is located at the relevant authorities’ facilities, is called a REPORTER.

This module is always connected to SoftGuard Router by the available link or links in your monitoring station.

When the REPORTER starts, the user (police, firefighter, etc) logs in to the system using his ID and password, becoming the operator in charge.

The change of operator is done with the ID and password of the new operator.

When there is a new event, it is shown on the screen immediately, a sound is heard and the period of time until the operator accepts the event is measured.

All this information goes back to the Incident database record in SoftGuard, relating them to the event and the client so that the operator at the central station can visualize it and the information goes to the client’s history records.

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