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Case Study : MONITOREO GLOBAL in Uruguay

MONITOREO GLOBAL, with headquarters in San Carlos City, owns the most advanced systems solution in the market to provide monitoring service and makes it available to the largest provider net in Uruguay, offering service in all the departments and cities in the country.


MONITOREO GLOBAL is a company with a very high technological development. Thanks to this, monitoring dealers operate its information systems, in a remote way, by means of a global monitoring net. By means of the SOFTGUARD WEB DEALER module, each representative can have access to the system from any PC connected to internet and after having received validation cards, he can manage his accounts (in-service, out-of-service, modifications), generate lists and reports, visualize logs and audits, obtaining the best efficiency and without wasting time or bureaucratic paperwork.

At the same time, the REMOTE REPORT SOFTGUARD module allows these dealers to be informed on the spot about alarm events in their own accounts and audit the functioning and answer of the central station that commands MONITOREO GLOBAL.

Finally, in order to get full customer satisfaction, MONITOREO GLOBAL employs the SOFTGUARD WEB CLIENT so that the customer can have access to all the date about protected places, historic events of alarms, graphic reports and contact people on-line. This access makes all the procedure clear and transparent. All this positions MONITOREO GLOBAL as the most advanced whole saler monitoring company in the Uruguayan market.

The representative from MONITOREO GLOBAL has told us he is willing to inform other colleagues in other markets about his system and work methodology


Information of the contact :








Telephone number : 096 310 647


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