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With over 25 year experience in Logistic Solutions, OCASA owns a wide net of branches in the main cities in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia, and agents located in strategic points around the world, what implies the backup of a world net where over 3000 people work, what makes us become one of the most important and experienced integrated Logistic Companies at international level.

The key to success and permanent growth has been the development of benefitial relations with clients, under the “TAILOR MADE” concept, generating servics to suit specific needs. We count with over 10000 clients in all over world net.

Working under this concept has made us generate new business or logistic branches to satisfy the most specific needs of our customers and the ones of new clients. To do so, we have a Securities Logistic división and Technology and Security Logistic, apart from the already known: Courier, Biologic, Dispatch and Distribution, Storing, Loading, Documental File, Check Mail and Gestion.

Main goals

-Providing integral logistic solutions services all over the world, priorizing clients’ needs, with the best customer service, security, high adaptability and the best practices, according to international standards in relation to each country.

-Being well-known for our reliability, quality, flexibility, high efficiency for the implementation of logistic and management solutions, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

-Establishing and keeping a management system that persuits continuous improvement, complies with good business practices, with laws and regulations present in each country where we work, that is environment friendly, and that all that can be seen by our customers as an efficient and safe system.

-Training our staff for their own development and the one of the company, fostering the development of operative methods that have a positive impact on the company as well as on its employees and society.


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