Case Study

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The company ABITAB, a leader in the collection and payments market in Uruguay, has chosen the SoftGuard solutions for their integrated corporate monitoring central.

The implementation took place in August and was very successful. The Monitoring Operative Center has been  launched with the aid of Mr. Andres Ciappesoni (CPP Asis) from Abitab, in the coordination of same, and the company Teleimpresores S.A., in charge of its directors Messrs. Juan Jose Cabo and Mr. Hector Alvarez. This central is by far the most advanced in technology and services in the whole country.

At present, Abitab has 500 offices in more than 100 departments of Uruguay (Montevideo, Artigas, Canelones, Rocha, Paysandu, Rivera, Tauarembo and Colonia, among others) and performs monthly transactions for more than 1,200,000 clients. It also provides services for companies that provide services such as sale of tickets and tickets for parking lots, bank transfers, payment of service bills, sale of tickets to shows, recharge of mobile phones such as Claro – Movistar – Ancel, merchandise handed in custody, Cambilex money exchange, DHL, Western Union, Tiempost, RedBrou, etc. 

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