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JR SECURITY and SOFTGUARD TECH CORP have signed a unique agreement. They have unified their system with the main objective of supplying the most demanding monitoring market in Hispanic America.

JR Security systems is a Spanish company founded in 1982 in Barcelona with the objective of creating and developing systems and products for security and protection of people and goods.

DB ELECTRONICS, mega dealer of solutions in Miami, USA joins this venture and contributes with all the marketing power at the destination point.

Transceiver interface module compatible with any central equipment in the market (GPRS compatible with CRA-MCP/M). Triple security of fixed line failure detection. Clear working way and capture. Dispatch of events.


Emergency exit through GMS device, BACKUP line function.

The equipment is able to make calls on its own via GMS line.

Detection of failure in fixed accounts in case electric power is under 18, if when hanging up the phone there is no line tone,or if after dialing the selection of external line in a PBX no tone is detected.

Call deviation and re-dialing function.

It detects dialing made via tone or pulses.

2 input zones and 1output in open collector.

Programming via DTMF telephone, local mode.

Programming with local JR eLight or remote mode via CSD/IP connection data channel.

Dispatch of own events and captured ones to CRA.

SMS dispatch to CRA for alarm condition, fixed line failure, low battery or periodic testing.


Programming from SMS.

Re-dispatch of reports in Contact ID to SMS receptor.

Dispatch of reports via IP, own and captured ones.

IP functions via GPRS: dispatch of own and captured reports, bidirectional IP, IP test.

Advanced functions with Centrum series workstation.


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