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Conference: The Role of Smartphones in Security –Mexico Security Expo 2015
April 30th, 2015

On April 30th during the Mexico Security Expo 2015, at 10:20 am the conference: The Role of Smartphones in Security will be held in the Banamex Convention Center.

The Role of Smartphones in Security

Smartphones have currently displayed a primary role protecting lives and the integrity of people for several reasons, among them is that smartphones are an element that is permanently available; we always have them with us, keep track of the battery status, and at times even feel unable to leave home without them.

In addition they are very technologically advanced, considering that they make digital communication possible using several methods (WiFi-3G-SMS) and include GPS tracking capacity as well as audio and video multimedia which are very helpful when providing not only physical safety, but also assistance during vehicle breakdowns, medical emergencies and fires among other possible situations. 

Speaker: Mr. Daniel Banda, CEO of SoftGuard


There is a participation fee, sign up at:


See you there!

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