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Maximize your Company

Maximize your Company

The SG CRM DESKTOP module for the integrated management of sales and promotion of monitoring services is strongly oriented toward direct database marketing. It uses technology and all of power in SoftGuard to organize, automate and synchronize business processes, mainly sales activities, marketing and customer service.

With SG CRM DESKTOP your business can create a strategy oriented towards client loyalty and optimizing your company though them. This tool allows you to build marketing campaigns, track sales leads, quote clients, generate price lists, promotions, mailing lists, create meeting schedules, schedule sales visits, among other possibilities.


Its main objectives are to:

- Find, attract and win new clients.

- Maintain client loyalty.

- Attract previous customers.

- Reduce costs of marketing and customer service.

- Automate and sales promotion campaigns.

- Optimize time management of the commercial department and customer service.

Main view of data: contains the list of all customers and potential prospects for management. It is easy to understand and is ordered in a flexible system to facilitate the search and contacting of clients.

Customer or entity information: contains all the contact details, address, telephone number, e-mail, map location, etc.

Quotes and budgets: Generate quotes for potential and existing customers and send them by email.

Massive e-mailing: Simplifies sending mass e-mails by automating the process for sales campaigns, promotions, safety tips, reminders, quality surveys, technical suggestions, and maintenance of installed systems, among other possibilities.

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