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18th Intensive SOFTGUARD ADMINISTRATOR CERTIFICATION Technical Course - Venezuela
October 23rd, 2012

On this occasion, we would like to invite you to the 18th Intensive SOFTGUARD ADMINISTRATOR CERTIFICATION Technical Course.

As you know, providing EXCELLENT SUPPORT has our absolute dedication, for this reason complete training for our users in the use of 100% of the tools included our operating system, database engine and applications is inevitable

This course is directed towards those responsible for monitoring areas. We will especially focus on the initial knowledge for those who have recently begun operating with SoftGuard.



END TIME: 6:00 PM.

LOCATION: Salón APAMATE, Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental in Caracas, Venezuela.



1)      SQL installation, required configuration and maintenance

2)      Installation and configuration of the latest version of the suite. (version 10 Rel 120710)

3)      Licensing keys, typical problems related to malfunction, wrong time or incorrect license..

4)      Common problems that may occur.

5)      Contingency plan

6)      T-SQL concepts  (Basic)

7)      Presentation of the new SG functions (version 10)
    *Automatic sending of SMS when NSR occurs (Signal Not Received)
    *New column in MultiMonitor
    *Auto processing of failures in energy restoration.
    *New functionality of the Authorities Report Module.
*New column for identifying origin dates for failed tests.                                                                                     *Quick Access to accounts in failed AC.
    *New mode in loading email adresses for sending.

8)      New integrations of the SG VIDEO module, shown in a practical form such as AXIS,MTEYE, DAVANTIS.

9)      Presentation  of the new platform SG DESKTOP WEB and its modules.

    *SG TrackGuard and TrackGuard Monitoring(Client Web Access)
    *SG Web Delaer
    *SG WebManager
    *SG Authorities Report
    *SG MapGuard

Assistance has a minimal charge destined to cover the costs of realizing, reading materials that will be given to those present and beverages (coffee break, lunch, and coffe in the afternoon).

-          For users with an active support plan: Bs. F. 4.725,00 + Tax for the1st person and Bs. F. 4.050,00 + tax for additional persons.

-          For user without an active support plan: Bs. F. 9.450,00 + Tax for the 1st person and Bs. F. 8.100,00  + Tax for additional persons.


Max capacity: 25 people.

Final sign up and payment date: October 12, 2012


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See You There!

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