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SoftGuard in Twitter

July 1st, 2010

Get to know about our pieces of news and SoftGuard tips via Twitter.

Twitter is a micro blogging system that allows us (in no more than 140 characters) to inform our colleagues, customers or whoever wants to about what we are doing right now; it’s a real logbook of activities and also a good communication system that enables us to send messages to other users.

Twits (posts sent by twitter users) are used to answer the question “What are you doing?” and can be sent via web, via SMS, instant messaging programs or even from applications developed by somebody else’s Facebook.

Twitter, like any other service in the web 2.0 or Facebook, is an excellent means to establish business relations.


Registration in twitter is very simple and free of charge, besides, you may use it to create a working team and share information with anyone you want to.

In Softguard we have created a private group to send you pieces of news and tips.

We invite you to join in and share ideas about common areas of interest.

SoftGuard Team

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