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14th Technical Course for SoftGuard Administrator Certification in Spain
November 9th, 2011

On this opportunity we would like to invite you to 14th Technical Course for SoftGuard Administrator Certification in Spain this course will be realized in a Theroy-Practice environment of each of the contents. It will be celebrated in Madrid, on November 9 and 10 of 2011 at Hotel Arturo Norte, W/Luis Pasteur. 28700. San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid

As you know, providing EXCELLENT SUPPORT has our absolute dedication, for this reason complete training for our users in the use of 100% of the tools included our operating system, database engine and applications is inevitable

This course is directed towards those Responsible for Monitoring Areas and/or supervisors and general administrators of the system, we will especially focus on the functions incorporated into version 8


  • Introduction, presentation and objective of the course.
  • SoftGuard and modules. (General review of SG modules)
  • Monitoring Module and it’s Applications (Monitoring, PortGuard, Ip Reader, Timer, SMS Gateway, Terminal Control, Ip Commands)
  • Check list Pre-Installation SG Monitoring. (Operating system and base software, pre-installation, installation)
  • Basic configuration of the system (Creating ports, IP connection, Dealer, Assigning Ports, creating alarm codes, creating formats, associating formats to receivers)
  • Performance y maintenance of the system.
  • Contingency Plan (preparing for contingency, like restoring backups, like reappointing terminals to a contingency server, preparation of operators in case of emergency, etc.)
  • - SQL Server Database Motor (Basic Concepts)
  • - Monitoring IP (including GSM, GPRS y SMS)
  • - New functions of Version 9.
  • - Question and answer.
  • Common problems

Assistance has a fee of 650 € per person, destined to cover the costs of realizing, reading materials that will be given to those present and beverages (coffee break, lunch, and coffe in the afternoon).

-          For users with an active support plan: will receive 40% discount and the second person from the same company with receive a discount of 60%.


users without an active support plan        650€

users with an active support plan             390€

second persoo or more                               260€ 


To reserve a spot please send your information to


Final date to sign up and pay: October 24 of 2011 (limited spots)


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