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Los Lagartos Country Club


It is one of the oldest and most selective country clubs in the country. Its golf court, with 27 holes, its three club houses and the thirty tennis courts make Lagartos be an impressive place.

An elegant population is seen right after crossing the guard fence: leafy trees, street to walk along and traditional style for the residencies. Lagartos Country Club is over 30 years old – it was founded in 1969- and is one the most solid and prestigious ventures in Pilar.

En aesthetic commission – made up of decorators and architects that live in the country club- takes care of decoration which respects the original style of founders. Each remodellation, each couch, wallpaper or curtain change  in the 180 hectares in the club is supervised by them.

The pioneer founder, Alberto Caprile, who bought 145 hectares then added 35 hectares. Its drive and success among country clubs in Pilar made Lagartos grow and, nowadays, apart from the golf and tennis courts there is a horse riding track, two polo fields, a football pitch, a hockey field and facilities for swimming, squash and rugby. Besides, Lagartos has other facilities: a maxi kiosk, three restaurants, a video club and an ATM machine to satisfy the needs of the 250 families that live there.

The central square, where the chapel is place –one of the biggest ones in Argentinian country houses- es the meeting point of neighbours, apart from the three club houses (two in the tennis sector and the other one in the golf sector). The club house in the golf area is a sacred place for the people that look for peace and tranquility, because only adults are allowed to enter. Here, conversations take a literary scope in the reading room. People amuse themselves in the play room and in the English style pub as well.

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