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SoftGuard Monitoring in COLOMBIA - Conference in E+S Security Fair Colombia
October 7th, 2010

Dear Colombian friends, VIDEO defines the new century in monitoring security,

SoftGuard is the leading alarm monitoring platform for your company, with permanent updating for you and your business. This is the reason why SoftGuard keeps on incorporating technologies and providing its users with direct benefits and new services to offer your clients.

SoftGuard joins VIDEO-ALARM, the new revolution in the alarm systems market. Its nearest antecedent is the introduction of microprocessors at the beginning of the 90s.

SG VIDEO, our modular system that is added to SG MONITORING, allows the reception and recording of video from any web cam, video server or DVR in the world, in a simple connectivity platform and absolute compatibility.

It’s a pleasure to invite you to the conference “New technologies and integration in alarms monitoring with SoftGuard”, that will take place within Security Fair Colombia 2010.

Thursday 7, October 16:00 – Room A in the Chamber of Commerce – CORFERIAS

Lecturer: Lic. Daniel Banda, CEO SoftGuard Tech Corp

To confirm participation please send an email to:

SoftGuard is the only software in the market that integrates all your security company:

Integration of multiple and new technologies in a unique monitoring centralization platform. IP monitoring via Internet-Intranet, GPRS monitoring, 3G and 4G cellulars, GPS mobile monitoring, Video alarms and video verification.

We will also be ready to carry out a personalized display of SoftGuard system and its functions in Stall 542. See you there!


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