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SoftGuard International Forum - Costa Rica 2010

August 31st, 2010

The First International Business with SoftGuard Forum took place in San José de Costa Rica with great success!

The First International Business with SoftGuard Forum took place in San José de Costa Rica with great success.

Our CEO, Lic. Daniel Banda, was invited to this event:

This time I address you to invite you to work in teams.

It’s well known that in SoftGuard we always try to give you much more than monitoring software solutions and technical support for them.

We are always proactive in the search of benefits, motivating the companies that use our system to take the lead in technological development. Proof of this is the fact that there isn’t a monitoring software company that has integrated so many types of devices belonging to different manufacturers in such a short time.

We like being at the forefront of competitors and giving our users the widest variety of possibilities to exploit the market.

Well, we have shared many technical seminars or presentations of new systems, also certification for administrators courses. However, today we want to talk about business.

We have visited Hispanic America and incorporating users in 25 countries. These customers have contributed to the project with valuable feedback about their markets.

Now, we have gathered all the representatives of electronic security companies to share thoughts, discussions and ideas about the 10 coming years in the sector and what they expect from them.

We know that we can open minds, launch projects and create new ways to make business more efficiently. It is about brainstorming about the new paradigm of remote security.

SoftGuard contributes with ideas, labor force and management to integrate the new business axis you want to develop and the direct links with over 50 international manufacturers that are leaders in security software.

For all this, we invite you to the First International Business with SoftGuard Forum, 2010.

 Yours sincerely

This is a summary of some of our colleagues opinions:

SoftGuard Team: You have been excellent pilots of this helicopter called SoftGuard and you have allowed a heterogeneous group to take off and fly over the forest. I never imagined it could be so wide. Now we must be wise enough to take profit from the opportunities provided in a field that was unknown to us up to now. I used to have the feeling that my country was ahead in technological development, but SoftGuard was a real earthquake for me, and now, I’m taking all this enthusiasm to my office with me.

Softguard has done away with boundaries between suppliers and clients and has done much more than taking note of purchase orders. You make your customers grow, and that makes a difference.

To sum up, I dare you seek new limits and share your knowledge with us in future events.

-As to organization, it was very clear, without logistic gaps, both the objectives and the schedule were respected.

-Contents were innovative, interesting and challenging

-Video verification and Country Safe can’t get out of my mind, as a new form to exploit the market.

-You are excellent hosts!

-I’m buying a new swimming suit for the next event in Puerto Cana. Ha!

Greetings from

Americo Ramirez

Dear Daniel:

Thank you for your attention during this event. It has brought along a revolution within my company.

Truly yours

Costa Rican Security


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