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SoftGuard thanks Paraguay

On September 2nd, 2009, SOFTGUARD presented its integral alarm monitoring solutions at Sheraton Hotel in Asunción. The 22 leading companies in the sector were present.

It was a highly professional meeting, where strategic information for the technologic evolution of centralized alarm systems was shared.

Special emphasis was given to the following topics: GPRS, IP monitoring, video integration, logging voice and round control and on-line surveillance.

SoftGuard is the only software in the market that integrates all your security company: alarms, IP monitoring, and GPRS without receiver, round control for monitors and answer personnel via GPRS, integration with CCTV video of the alarm (on-line), surveillance cars monitoring via GPS, compatible with all the receivers and panels in the market.

The RIO APA conference room at Sheraton Hotel was the ideal place for this systems' presentation that change the axis of monitoring for the highly professional Paraguayan market.

We thank our colleagues for having made us feel at home.

SoftGuard Tech Corp.

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