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Surveillance Vehicle GPS Control

Control of survaillence vehicles by GPS

The SG MONITORING main module has incorporated a new application for Surveillance Vehicle control via GPS/GPRS with full integration with Google Maps/Open street.

Some of its advantages and technical features are detailed below:

  • Registration of the company vehicle's fleet, either cars or motorbikes, which are supplied with GPS localization devices and online communication with the monitoring station via mobile GPRS.
  • Georeferencing (map location) of each fixed MONITORING ACCOUNTS location.
  • Online visualization of the surveillance vehicle's status, showing information about the last reported location on the map and “Available” or “Assigned” state.
  • During alarm event management, the operator will be able to send a surveillance car or vehicle to the customer’s residence. During this process, with just 1 click, a Map is displayed on screen to show the customer's home location and the nearest vehicle's location (each one identified with a different color to differentiate the ones “Available” from the “Assigned” ones in case they are already going to another house). In this case the operator selects the VEHICLE. The entire process for the selection and assignation of a vehicle is recorded for further auditing or issuance puposes. 
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