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SG Monitoring SG Monitoring

SoftGuard represents a generation of integral alarm monitoring systems. Its wide range of capabilities are due to the combination of the most solid and advanced operating platform on the market, Windows Server, and the most widely used and reliable database engine for client-server applications, Microsoft SQL Server and, to complement the perfect trilogy, our modular monitoring system, which has been designed with cutting-edge technology and futuristic vision.

The system's central module manages accounts and all their data (users, zones, timetables, telephone numbers, notes, reports, technical events and others), generates and sends reports manually or automatically (lists or e-mails) and administrates all the events that enter or are generated in the system for their dispatch.

 Main Features of the Monitoring Module:

  • Multiuser in all its versions.
  • Unlimited number of connected terminals.
  • Client-server environment (SQL/MSDE)
  • 32 bit application for Windows Server/Desktop
  • Multilanguage (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Unlimited number of receivers connected to the system
  • Unlimited number of system operators, with definable user levels
  • It recognizes all communication protocols currently available on the market (Contact ID, 4+2, SIA, Ademco Fast/Expanded, Radionics Modem II/lie and others)
  • Is compatible with all the telephone, radio, mobile and IP receivers of all manufacturers in the market.
  • Predrfined Administrator, Supervisor and Operator profiles
  • Manual or automatic event processing, based on priority
  • Configurable priority, sound and color for each type of event
  • Its 4 applications can be distributed according to the number of available PCs
  • Full operation audit reports
  • Receives and processes Caller-ID information for validation purposes.
  • Automatic dial-up to the customer using Windows Dialer
  • Quick access through priority tasks tool bar
  • Control of multiple Opening and Closing hours per day 
  • Configurable automatic test control, with failure warning
  • Intelligent false alarm control with notification to the operator by date or number 
  • Contextual help for event management
  • Predefined response plan according to the type of alarm and the client
  • The operator sees exactly who they should contact and what course of action should be followed in each particular case.  
  • Flexibility in the creation of reports and search of information.
  • Automatic reports via e-mail in Html and PDF format
  • Automatic visualization of events for the quick and precise resolution by the operator
  • Alphanumeric client codes for accounts. 
  • Inhibition in the execution of Windows application, definable by user (Games, Web browser, E-mail and others)
  • Automatic processing of non-emergency signals. No operator intervention required
  • Advanced database search capacity
  • Trial mode for the post-installation with global extent per account, zone or type of event
  • New formats can be easily added through dynamic libraries
  • Chronogram of exceptions for holidays 
  • Control of opening and closing hours conditioned at the user level with 3 possibilities: master, standard and limited


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