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SoftGuard executives visit to Clave 3 - Peru

May 29th, 2012

During their stay in Peru, Mr. Banda, CEO of SoftGuard Tech and Ms. D'Errico, Sales Manager, paid ​​a visit to the company CLAVE 3.

SoftGuard Tech executives were welcomed by Mr. Martinez, alarm manager, who has incorporated SoftGuard to the company’s central operative monitoring platform, thus, giving a strategic step forward into evolution to generate new businesses and providing more benefits and better customer service.

CLAVE 3 is a Peruvian company specialized in intelligent electronic security. It started in 1996 to complement the service offered by Liderman, its sister company, which specializes in safeguarding and private security.

Over the past fifteen years, CLAVE 3 has been characterized as having the latest technology in electronic security, accompanied by a modern monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day throughout the year with SoftGuard system.

They have highly trained professionals and technicians who specialize in security.

Thanks for welcoming us!


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