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SG Monitoring now includes Surveillance cars GPS control

February 16th, 2010

Get informed about the benefits of 7.12 Rel 1 SoftGuard version.

It’s all about the FLEET OF PATROL CARS CONTROL via GPS/GPRS with full integration with Google Maps!

We provide a detailed account of its benefits and technical features:

-Your company fleet of vehicles (cars or motorbikes) will be equipped with GPS tracking devices, with on-line communication via cellular GPRS towards the monitoring station.

-Geo-reference (location on a map) of each of the MONITORING fixed ACCOUNTS.

-On-line visualization of vehicles with information about: last reported position shown on a map and “Available” or “Assigned” state.

During an alarm event management, this system allows the operator to send an Answer vehicle or Verification car to the customer’s address. During this process and with only one click a map showing the location of the customer’s residence and the visualization of the nearest surveillance cars is displayed on the screen (each one is identified with a different function color depending on the state: “Available” or “Assigned” in case a vehicle has already been sent to another place. At this stage, the operator selects a vehicle. The complete procedure (selection of the car and its assignation) is recorded in the event management for later audit or emission through reports.

For further information contact:

Web: www.softdemonitoreo.com

Email: ventas@softdemonitoreo.com

Tel: +1 786 866 2138

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