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PPA : IP total Compatibility

PPA and SoftGuard Tech Corp shared integration to offer their common clients the most advanced technological IP monitoring platform.

There are only a few families of IP interface monitoring equipments that can be so advanced and efficient in the use of resources such as the PPA. All the available equipments are:

-Universal GPRS monicel.

-Monitus GPRS monicel

-Universal Monip

-Universal Monip GPRS Expansion

SoftGuard, by means of its front-end for IP processing via Smart-Process, SG-IP READER offers absolute compatibility and direct reception of all of them, as well as remote control for SG IP-CMDS.

In this way, the most diverse range of PPA devices integrates with the best market features on SoftGuard to obtain a simple and concrete solution in case of need for monitoring from a station using the most modern and efficient methods.



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