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Annual technological updating training session for alarm monitoring with SoftGuard

November 23rd, 2010

Last Friday 19th, November the Annual Technological updating training session for alarm monitoring with SoftGuard was held in Buenos Aires with outstanding results.

The event took place at the Salguero Plaza convention center where over 40 companies gathered to get informed about the future of the monitoring business.

Some of the issues dealt with were:

The revolution of video alarm, bidirectional SMS, GPS patrol control, online round control, and all the new features of 8 version.

All the people that attended this session were really pleased.

Daniel, it was worth travelling. Our eyes were open, we could stop and think about everyday tasks we never consider. I hope we can implement your ideas.

Thanks a lot, let´s keep in touch.

José Vega

SUR-GROUP - Rosario - Santa Fe

Dear Daniel, we thank you for your attention during the event. We got a clear guidance on the future of this business. An “eye opener” for me. Thanks again.

 John Asenjo


Mar del Plata

We thank all the people that took part in this event.

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