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SG E Learning

We launch our E- Learning website.

Dear SoftGuard friend users:

It’s a pleasure to announce the launch of our E-Learning website (SG E Learning). We have worked very hard to provide this service and today we can proudly announce its setup.

Our customers, in general, are dispersed all around the world, and especially the ones whose mother tongue is Spanish get connected to the SG Support Center in Spanish, thus, they need reliable and effective training methods.

We have foreseen, even leveling courses with contents about alarm systems, types of sensors. instalation practice, protocols and ways of communicating events, etc, because we know they are key factors in this business and they will help new operators or workers to self-train and generate less worries and more efficiency in the preparation of H.R.

Additional contents, all provided with tests such as avoiding false alarms and unnecessary dispatches to authorities, central monitoring station operator’s practice code, basic monitoring working rules, will also be part of this site in its launch.

The website will be dynamic and will have more contents and levels in a steady form. The SoftGuard module handbooks will no longer exist in a static and out of date form. As from today, they will be up-dated on-line and will be ready for use. A forum formed by students will allow group interaction and debates about systems and SG services.

E- Learning will allow the student to study during free time and fulfill goals that the tutor sets by means of exams that will be of access to the employer and will be a key assessment tool.

Every customer in active Support Plan will be able to enroll the number of students he wishes in the SG E Learning program, free of charge, as long as the plan stays active.

The official launch will be mid October 2007. We hope you can profit from this venture.




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