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Better customer monitoring service

Customers demand transparency and control over the monitoring service they receive.

Undoubtedly, technological advances and mobile communication are part of the citizen’s daily life and security is part of the issue as well.

The modern user demand on-line control over the security service he’s given.

In SoftGuard we are aware of this need and we provide the latest tools to monitoring companies that are users of our system.


Nowadays, nobody goes to the bank to check his bank accounts or even makes a phone call.

“Home banking” web access has replaced the former systems. But, as this access is occasional, the e-mails or SMS messages sent as warning for accounts payable, deposits or checks are very usual.

Lists of monthly evens printed on paper are history. The customer wants to enter the service provider’s web page and check the state of these alarm systems, the history records and operator’s actions.

Besides, the customer wants to be notified in case of emergency or required control via e-mail or SMS.

SoftGuard emits AUTOMATED reports of historic events via e-mail to the desired number of contacts for each account, with the desired frequency for each account. Reports can be complete, just emergencies or active or inactive ones.

These reports may contain a simple description of events with date and time or be completely detailed.


SMS or text message has started proving its high efficiency when applied to the warning for not complying with schedules of active or passive work.

This kind of events are very usual, specially every time the final user is used to not setting his opening or closing schedules reasonably, also wanting to have a detailed control on the service provider’s side. This practice consumes human resources as well as system in the monitoring company; SMS is the key to change this situation.

An SMS sent at the right time, that is never delayed, warns the customer about the lack of compliance with the schedule, asking him to comply with it or to communicate to inform about the cause.


Softguard is the only system in the market that processes the SMS answers or even the SMSs generated by the customer to notify events.

Panic situations or ambushes can also arrive via SMS.

This tool allows us, for instance, to re-program schedules for active work or receive explanations made by the customer about his reasons without making a phone call that takes time and dedication of the operator.


This benefit lets the customer get to know how security is provided at any minute.

By using his user identification and password, he can enter the central monitoring station by himself.

Functions are guided visually and the customer is in control of security information and objectives.


From web access, the customer can fill in an information form that is sent to each area of his monitoring company, for example to OPERATIONS to report a change in schedule, to ADMINISTRATION to check the reception of his payments or the money collector or to TECHNICAL SUPPORT to ask for a service extension of the alarm system.


Web access shows the user a graphic view in real time of his accounts state by means of colours and icons for each account that is monitored with permanent up-dating.

A Security Chief would be able to monitor the corporative security of all his company through the web site, in an agile and flexible way daily.


Information of contact people, their phone or mobile-phone numbers and timetables, are of easy access to the user, who is able to notify changes via web.

This way we can minimize the typical problem of trying to use out-dated telephone numbers or non-valid contacts for the accounts, which turns into critical consequences and delays in the process of alarm attention.


All the links to web cams, IP or DVR of the SG-VIDEO module are present in the view zones of the web account so that the user can enter to see images of this cameras through the service provider’s web site.


Through the web, the customer visualizes all the service invoices and all the processed payments' receipts. In this way, the customer can always be aware of account state, debt and due payments.


Also, through web access, the customer can make a list of all the audio recording clips of his telephone calls (made or received ones) from the monitoring station, in MP3 audio format.


All the video clips of images (produced and received by the SG-VIDEO module) can be listed and visualized by the customer in association with a history report of alarm events.

All the benefits we have mentioned are the exclusive advantage of a new generation modular monitoring system like SoftGuard, in which customer service is optimized and customers take part in the management system. This way, the central monitoring station has more resources available and is able to focus on emergencies and their treatment.

By using our system hundreds of hours worked by people performing administrative tasks are saved and money can be spent on more productive activities.

SOFTGUARD and its SG CORPORATIVE WEB ACCESS make a great difference as far as computerized management is concerned, placing its users in a differentiated level of service and transparency.

For further information contact: info@softguard.com

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