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Successful Cooperativism in Security with SoftGuard

September 17th, 2010

SoftGuard leads supplies of systems to Cooperatives: SUDECOR

SoftGuard has worked intensively with cooperative societies in Argentina ever since their arrival. Within this market segment, SoftGuard is the absolute leader in the supply of  electronic systems of alarm monitoring and its video, mobile monitoring, access control, assistance and fire detection subsystems.

SUMO, integral electronic security division of SUDECOR LITORAL, has started operations from its NOC CENTER in Bell Ville, Córdoba, with a high-quality central station, equipped with many SoftGuard integrating modules, an example and proud for the sector.

SUMO’s monitoring station integrates alarm monitoring via telephone, ADSL internet and cellular GPRS, patrol car monitoring via GPS and GPRS, images monitoring, and through them multi-technologies. SUMO will offer strategic applications in its zone, for instance, the advanced systems of distant electronic protection of “bag” silos to keep grain, giving effective security solutions to the agricultural product.

Let’s read the press report:

Sudecor Litoral Cooperative society presented its new integral security service venture: SUMO, Sudecor monitoring in the Professional Council of Economic Sciences on September 13th.

SUMO – Sudecor Monitoring, is devoted to give logistic service in the different fields its associates intervene, with personalized service. This monitoring station has been designed to do satellite tracking that can be supervised by the internet web available in the different places where the service is required.

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