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SoftGuard offers solutions in Ibiza

Softguard and its representative in Spain, SSI, have been present in Ibiza.

Professionals in the field of public and private security warned about an increase in the number of theft of first need goods, especially food, as a consequence of the difficult economic situation that some families are going through due to crisis. That is why they recommend establishments that they install security devices to prevent these kinds of actions.

Some time ago, videogames, cameras and mobile phones used to be stolen. Nowadays, apart from these products, food is being stolen, said Mr. Gines Perez, Chief Inspector of National Private Security Unit. “At supermarkets, meat packages and all kinds of food is being taken,” stated Perez, who said he did not have accurate figures.

In his opinion, the way to fight this is by preventing it, being on the alert, and the best way of doing so is by installing different devices such as security closing, alarms or railings on the windows. Besides, industrial areas should have fences.

Mr. Perez made these statements after having participated in the first workshop “Security Meetings”, organized by the Security Net at the Club Diario in Ibiza. At the meeting, the Captain of the Civil Guard of Eivissa, Rafael Rosique; the Police chief of Vila, Manuel Ayala; the Media, Professionals and Security companies Association (Ampes), Luis García; SoftGuard’ s representative, Antonio Millan; Bosch Security System General Director, Antonio Escamilla; the president of Pimeef, Mariano Riera; the secretary of CCOO Diverse Activity Organization, Emilio Cifre, and the representative of Eivissa and Formentera Neighbour Federation, Antonio Palau were present.

In this way, SoftGuard and SSI keep on participating actively in the security of Spanish people by means of high technology monitoring.


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