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2nd International Business Forum with SoftGuard

December 5th, 2011

Buenos Aires - Argentina

With the participation of 30 managers of leading companies in alarm monitoring of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Bolivia, Mexico,  the 2nd International Business Forum  was held on November 23 and 24.

The perfect setting was provided by Sofitel La Reserva Cardales hotel, an exclusive place in a unique natural environment with all the comfort that a 5 star luxury hotel can provide.

The meeting point was in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, where we welcomed all attendees with whom we shared our bus that would take us 70 kilometers to the north of the province of Buenos Aires, to meet with other attendees at the Grill "the Talas" in the town of Campana. There, attendees enjoyed a welcome lunch and tasted an authentic Argentine asado.

Upon arrival at Sofitel Hotel all of us were greeted by Mr.  Babor from the Anthropology and Business consultant, who performed a welcome and recreation activity, which facilitated the knowledge of the directors of the various companies involved and the aim of starting the business forum was achieved by leaving aside apart the daily concerns and concentrating on doing our best to achieve a team that will create, innovate and diagram the alarm monitoring business for the next 20 years.

Thus participants were gathered in groups representing different animal species and worked on various slogans and showed skills when having to overcome difficulties and obstacles, applying practices of leadership, teamwork, proactive participation and continuous improvement motivation.

At night the meeting was in the Bowling Hall of the hotel, we had a cocktail dinner there and also a competition cockail to win the gift prizes SoftGuard offered, including packs of Ruttini wine winery, Luigi Bosca and accessories. We emphasize the participation of Ms. Odette Garreton Company Espinoza of Chile Global Link as "Player of the Night" and congratulate the winners:

1st Prize: Rodolfo López del Solar - DETEKTA - Bolivia

2nd Prize: Ruben Vega - METROSISTEMAS - Panama

3rd Prize: Juan Guillermo Vazquez - TELEGUARDIA – Colombia

At the beginning of the day on Thursday 24th, we gathered in the Luis Leloir Hall and started the activities that would last all day long.

Considering the monitoring business of the next 20 years is not easy. To do so, first, managers defined the current scenario where different sound and unsound actions of its corporate history made it possible for the company to have the place in the market they have today.

As from here, the growth proposals brainstorming invaded the room where everybody contributed by sharing experiences, desires, concerns and projects to chart the growth and expand the profitability of their businesses in the years ahead.

At the end of the day, the "new business warehouse" was created. It combines creative ideas and technological innovation applied to alarm monitoring, allowing companies to "reinvent themselves", including the use of various tools offered by SoftGuard among which its functional modules, annex services and territorial expansion can be found.

In the afternoon the farewell and the group photo of the participants. We thank everyone who willingly shared a day with their peers in the market, now friends, trusting that the monitoring business activity together with SoftGuard has no boundaries or limits to grow. Thank you!

In the academic coordination:

Salomon Babor - Anthropology and Business Consultant

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