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SoftGuard in habitational centers -AAA-

SoftGuard in a city of lakes, golf and mountains.


The housing complex, one of the most advanced ones in Mexico, incorporates SoftGuard modules with satellite communication equipments in order to monitor the houses as well as the electrified perimeter, water supply and floodgate systems, with several deposits interconnected to the hydrant system, lighting and electricity systems, etc.

Jack Nicklaus has a special motivation which has made him part of the Tres Marias project: the beauty of the surrounding nature, the vast plots of land and the challenge this major-scale venture offers. Nicklaus Signature created the first 18 holes and the other 9 were created by Nicklaus Design. Nicklaus is a recognized and world known company which has built golf courses in over 23 countries. We are sure that the golf course at Tres Marias Residential Golf Club, which has 27 holes, is ready to meet the highest demands.

Tres Marias City is located in east Morelia, in an area surrounded by hills, valleys and mountains. It is a housing development with the concept of a city within another city, and it counts with all the necessary facilities taking care of nature and the environment.

This is the most exclusive and impressive housing development in Mexico. Here we are able to see a merge of the top advances in urbanization, security, equipment and telecommunication, which offers its dwellers the possibility of living in an environmental friendly place, surrounded by nature and in one of the best golf courses in the country since it own a 27-hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Moreover, residents may also enjoy an exclusive and elegant sports club which includes different kinds of outdoor activities.

All these advantages and many others will allow the future dwellers in TRES MARIAS to live in a cozy and safe place and enjoy tranquility and harmony.


Michoacán State

Morelia, capital city of Michoacán is located in the northeast of the state.

It is 1,950 meters above sea level and the average temperature during the year is 23°C, 74.4 F.

You may get there by land or air.

Club House

Extension: 112,550.73 square meters

Built square meters: 18,559.70

Green area: 85 m2

Cycling track: 9 km long, 3 meter wide

Optic fiber: 4 km were installed in the Club House for the 128 point net calculation.

  • 14 tennis courts
  • 4 paddle courts
  • 5 squash and racket ball courts
  • 2 basketball and volleyball courts
  • 2 7-soccer pitches
  •  semi-olympic indoor swimming pool
  • recreational and relaxation hotel-like swimming pool
  • Gym
  • fitness room
  • pilates studio
  • spinning
  • 9 km long bike track
  • playroom with billiard tables
  • Face spa and massage: Sweden, therapeutic, hot stones, sportive, reflexology, etc.
  • Horse club with 23 stables, jump tracks and paddock.
  • Toilets: private showers, sauna, steam and Turkish bath, hairdresser’s, pub and fizzy drinks.
  • sport supplies shop
  • golf supplies shop
  • playroom for different ages
  • Snacks in the different area:
  • Ten and 9 pub, to comment on your golf abilities
  • national and international cuisine restaurant
  • La cañada pub, the best national and international drinks

Horse Club

Morelia already counts on a top level horse club, only 8 kilometers away from the exit to Mil Cumbres with excellent facilities.

43 large stables.

2 outdoor tracks for stunt jump race


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