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Launch: New SG- SCHEDULER module

SoftGuard is pleased to announce the launch of the first module under .NT platform, SG SCHEDULER.

SG SCHEDULER’s main objective is setting agendas, defining coming events conditions to be fulfilled, or generating alarms if they don’t take place. These events that must be controlled are defined within a schedule with date and time, and when this data is not received, SoftGuard system generated the corresponding event to warn the operator.

This module can be downloaded for free for all the SoftGuard users that have their annual support plan active, and they will be able to download it from our website (6 version).

 Some of its applications are:

-Rounds control for watchers, by means of devices such as the ActiveGuard system (click in news index) with on-line transmission via GPRS.

-Routines Control or pre-established routes by means of sensors connected to alarm panels of one or several residences.

-Specific Schedule Control at clients’ homes where there is no weekly established form. A typical example is summer or weekend houses, where there aren’t activations/deactivations for long periods of time. The family goes there on a certain date and indicates when it is leaving (leaving the house empty for a long period of time again) for example, January 31. In this case, 31/01/09 at x time can be programmed as the reception of a CLOSE or deactivation event. Thus, the Monitoring Station makes sure the residence is protected during the period of time the house is not habitated.

-Other applications: refrigerators, machines, swimming pool filters control, lightning, signaling, etc.


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