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SOFTGUARD and DAVANTIS present new integration and add benefits for their customers

November 9th, 2012

SoftGuard announces the launching of advanced integration with DAVANTIS brand video surveillance devices. This integration, carried out by means of the SG VIDEO VERIFICATION module, allows the operator to view the video on line of the DAVANTIS devices at the very moment of attention of an event. In addition, as shown in the image below, a direct access button is available to view the recording and/or live cam.

DAVANTIS manufactures innovative video analysis systems that analyze images coming from security cams and that generate alarms when a risk situation is produced. DAVANTIS is one of the market leaders in this segment.

A detection system based on cameras offers the best protection because it cannot be jumped over. Upon detection the image is automatically sent to the central station operator, who can respond quickly to intrusion by visual validation without the calling the subscriber.

Davantis video analysis systems work exclusively from camera images, without having to install additional sensors on the perimeter, and allowing cost saving in relation to civil work.

Nowadays, SoftGuard and Davantis offer an advanced and intelligent video surveillance system for perimeter protection that allows the identification of people or vehicles in the surroundings of the perimeter to be protected, the detection of an intrusion on your property at the time it is taking place so that you can react on time, the detection of the crossing of virtual barriers set by the user, viewing the cameras remotely via Internet and many other advantages.

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