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SoftGuard Mexico Conference 2014 - Your Business is a Much Better Business with SmartPanics - FREE
April 9th, 2014

At SoftGuard we are very aware that we are responsible for regularly proposing new ideas for the electronic monitoring security market. We uphold this commitment on through with our obsession with quality services and excellence of our applications.


This is why we are pleased to invite you to the conference:

"Your business is a much better business with SmartPanics "


Smartphones give us enormous opportunities, and personal emergency warning devices and so, the new module called SoftGuard SmartPanics allows you to multiply the individual protection of your customers, when an event occurs, requiring monitoring center intervention.


It will be an interactive conference where you will be able to download SmartPanics APP on your smartphone and see the possibilities for yourself.


It will be held at the MEXICO SAFETY EXPO 2014 , on Wednesday April 9th at 12:00 pm at the Channel Palace Salon 1 , Banamex Centro , Mexico


Speaker: Mr. Daniel Banda, CEO of SoftGuard Tech Corp


SoftGuard is the only software on the market that integrates your entire security company:

Integration of multiple technologies into a single platform to centralize monitoring : Monitoring IP and GPRS without receptors , cellular 3G and 4G ; monitoring of vehicles, people and pets GPS ; Video and Video alarm verification; bidirectional sending SMS , CRM sales service; Smartpanics for sending events to the PBX from smartphones and more subscribers .

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