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Visits at SoftGuard

April 13th, 2011

On March 23rd, we received the directors of APRESER from Chile at our B.A. offices. They are Mr. Sepúlveda and Mr. Oyarzo Mauricio

Together, we had a delightful meeting where we dealt with topics related to how to implement new business with SoftGuard and how to offer better service to corporative companies.

They also attended a training seminar about the thorough use of several modules that the company had incorporated recently.

APRENSER monitoring station watches over the security of clients’ homes in real time, what allows them to detect possible intrusions that may attempt against company properties.

Its design is based on the integration of security rings where technologic and human resources are combined.

In the photo, we can see from left to right Mr. Sepúlveda (Partner director – Commercial Manager Apreser Chile), Martin Saini (SoftGuard Tech Account Executive), Virginia D’Errico (SoftGuard Tech Sales Manager), Rodrigo Oyarzo Mauricio (General Manager Apreser).


Thank you very much for visiting us!


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