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E-Learning SQL Server 2000 Level 1 Course

Launch date: October 20 - Open enrollment

 E-LEARNING : SQL SERVER LEVEL 1 COURSE (for Administrators)

 E-LEARNING : SQL SERVER LEVEL 1 COURSE (for Administrators)

DURATION: 60 hours – 4 content module – 2 weeks each module.


Providing the necessary information to be able to acquire skills to carry out daily user and administrator’s tasks of SQL Server 2000 Database and the consequent benefit derived from the SoftGuard Alarm Monitoring system capacity.


Module I

SQL Server engine architecture

Available applications to access servers

SQL Server services

Data organization system in SQL Server database

SQL Server engine objects

Module II

Authenticity modes and security options

Physic and logic structure of databases

User’s database objects

Transact- SQL for simple questions

Module III

Analysis for improved actions in queries execution

Indexation and performance knowledge

DML (Data Manipulation Language) for easy modifications

Security and restoration copy

Module IV

Tasks, operators and warnings

Administrative sentences in Transact- SQL

Tasks automation with Job-Scheduler and Transact-SQL

Combined administrative tasks flow 

Starting date:

1st module: 20/10/08

2nd module: 03/11/08

3rd module: 17/11/08

4th module: 01/12/08

EXAMS: After finishing each module

METHODOLOGY AND QUERIES: E- learning allows students to attend the course without being present at the premises, get on-line training and study when there is free time. Queries can be expressed by e-mail, Chat or weekly forum with the tutor.

CERTIFICATES: an individual certificate will be issued to each student.



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