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SoftGuard Presentation in Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia

November 7th, 2014

On Tuesday, November 4th the conference called “SoftGuard Presentation – Network Integrated Monitoring System” took place at the Camino real Hotel, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.


Representatives from 20 leading companies assisted the conference, among these companies are electronic security, physical security, financial and governmental entities.


Mr. Daniel  Banda, CEO of SoftGuard Tech, gave a detailed and motivating speech about the benefits associated with the implementation of SoftGuard in these companies. Among the covered subjects was the generation of new incomes at security companies through innovative services such as SmartPanics for sending alarms from Smartphones, to improve the services provided and optimize resources. In addition, the new version of the Desktop web platform was presented, it allows information to be accessed and processed from any device with web access and an installed web browser.


“We thank all of the participants and wish that our companies can grow together” 



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