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3rd International Forum SoftGuard - Panama 2012

November 26th, 2012

On 23 and 24 November the 3rd International Business Forum SoftGuard, with the participation of 30 managers of leading companies in alarm monitoring of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Bolivia, Mexico and Dominican Republic took place. The chosen site this time was the Wyndham Hotel Playa Blanca, Panama, an exclusive place on the beach which offers an all- Inclusive -24Hs system.

On the first day, Friday 23, in the afternoon an event was carried out at the beach to welcome all attendees and to deliver the presentation of the forum with the list of topics to be discussed. This way, the business forum began, leaving worries aside to do everyone’s best to make up a team that will create, innovate and chart the future of the alarm monitoring business.

At night the meeting was in the Aqua restaurant. There, we had a la carte dinner and a presentation of each of the participating companies.

On Saturday 24 at the beginning of the day we met in the Hall of Ocean Ballroom and started the activities that would last all day long.

The topics discussed were:

• mass services at lower cost , aimed at lower socio-economic segments.

• Special Service Segmentation

• Automating the collection, reduction of arrears of payment and collection costs

• Territorial expansion of the business

• Monitoring and control of services provided by the state

  • Video alarm and video monitoring

• Specialization of the sales force

• franchise model applied to monitoring

• Websites that have: online chat, support tickets, payments and shopping cart.

• Plan "Referrals" - Targeted advertising on customer information to improve profitability

• special or VIP Services

• Monitoring the elderly - Monitoring of patients with home care

• Monitoring people prosecuted by justice who have home confinement

• Pay by day

• Loyalty points with programs - Loyalty for permanence

• Monitoring and fleet vehicles - domestic pets Monitoring - Monitoring children

• Wholesale Monitoring – Corporate Monitoring

• Campaigns that include niche agreements

• Android App, iPhone and Blackberry for smart phones where on line alerts come.

• Monitoring without operators

At noon we made a break for lunch where we raffled a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The winner was  Joanna  Branca, company representative of Panama Security Supplies.

Dinner that night was held at the restaurant El Muelle and then we had a bit of fun at the hotel disco.

On 25 Sunday morning we performed the farewell of the forum and for those who would stay until the evening there were beach activities and a football match.

SoftGuard is responsible for the creation of this association. During the forum everything that was discussed was included in the Virtual Forum Google Group, which was active for subsequent work to move towards its implementation.

We also discussed the creation of an association of leading companies of monitoring and SoftGuard users, with the intention of developing international standards and to support each company internationally so that they can achieve business agreements with multinational corporations, among other objectives.

This will be a way of giving a legal mold to the group before third parties

Some comments from participants

Dear Friends Forum Softguard 2012.

I would like to tell you that to me this forum was a success, the forum far exceeded 2011; I think the subject and the methodology contributed to have an extensive integration of issues that brings us together and the ability to meet wonderful people from different cultures and latitudes.

When you come to Colombia do not hesitate to contact me to help you.

Many thanks, Martin and Daniel for the organization.



Greetings to everyone, it was a great pleasure and a great experience to meet you all and to exchange ideas and knowledge, apart from the recreational activities we could enjoy.

Kind regards,


First I want to thank you for your attention, and I was pleased to meet each of you, I hope we can be in touch before meeting again to exchange ideas and experiences.

Warm regards,

Veronica Garcia Baez

I agree with my friend Rodrigo on the fact that this type of forum helps us to grow and strengthen our business, to me the most rewarding experience I take with me is the human quality of all of you, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet them.

A big hug to all and keep in touch.

Alvarez Virgilio Brache

We thank everyone who willingly shared their experiences, trusting that the monitoring business activity together with SoftGuard has no boundaries or limits to grow. Thank you!



See you there!


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