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SoftGuard Seminar in Intersec-Seguriexpo 2010

September 6th, 2010

Successfully, we have presented the new products in the alarm monitoring market for 2010 during the electronic security fair in Argentina.

With a crowded conference room at the IntersecSeguriexpo 2010, a presentation about “New technologies and integration of SoftGuard alarm monitoring” was given.

During Lic. Daniel Banda’s (CEO at SoftGuard) presentation, many pieces of news about new  products in the market were introduced. These products are part of the wide family of SoftGuard connectivity, comprising the integration of the SG Video with Hikvision, the DVR equipment line and the most successful web cameras in the market.

Then , SoftGuard advanced integration was presented. Its system, VIDEO ALARM, is a real revolution in the sector

As part of the deal between JR SECURITY and SOFTGUARD, the PRO4G and PIRCAM equipments were launched. These products are pioneers in the market since they provide the operator’s monitoring terminal equipped with SoftGuard with the accurate image of the instant in which movement sensors generate alarm.

With these image systems, the sector will be able to reduce the false alarm rate from 8% 80-85% to less than 5 %.

Besides, it will avoid sending patrol cars to remote areas or to areas with traffic jams unnecessarily.

For further information, contact info@softguard.com

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