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DESECOM is a benchmark in personalized security and communication solutions. For more than 20 years they have consolidated as one of the pioneers of PRIVATE security and communications in Spain. They are highly specialized in security, surveillance, alarms, video supervision, fire fighting systems, control of attendance and Access, etc. They have developed totally personalized systems on a daily basis to meet their clients’ specific needs. Each Project is unique.




Why did you change and how did you meet SoftGuard?

We wanted to update our system of alarm reception and SoftGuard met our needs.

What has improved with SoftGuard?

Thanks to the continuous technologic progress, we have been able to integrate new receptors and systems. This let us have new installing companies and clients.

Do you use all SoftGuard’s potentialities for sending communications (Email, SMS, …)?

Yes, we send emails and we have acquired and SMS modem, we only need to launch it. Besides, we have the Web Client module.

How would you evaluate SoftGuard’s technical support and its capacity of adaptation to new functional requirements?

All our doubts were solved by means of the ticket system and sometimes they provided support through the phone and thanks to this our system works correctly today.

¿Cuáles son sus expectativas para los próximos meses, SoftGuard le ayuda a ofrecer nuevos servicios o hacer crecer su negocio? 

SoftGuard es nuestra herramienta fundamental de negocio. Nuestra intención es la de  otorgar los nuevos servicios que demanda el mercado de seguridad, por lo que entendemos que es un trabajo en conjunto al que debemos ir juntos.


Thank you very much!


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