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New SG Module Corporative customers Web Access

We inform you about the launch of the new module for Corporative customers Web Access, which is added to the 12 modules already available in the Integral Alarm Monitoring Software suite that is most recognized and with the highest growth in the Hispanic American market.


It’s all about the module for Corporative customers Web Access. This module has been specially designed to provide corporative customers with the control and audit of their accounts. A corporative client is the one who, due to its activity or need requires on-line control of his accounts state and alarm panels.

For instance, the security chief of a branch offices chain, or the supervisor or manager of a company that needs remote supervision and at the same time as the security company takes action.

By means of this module, this corporative client has access to graphic information via web and also to a list of each branch state; with an indication for each of them (alarm on/alarm off), received events (historic ones), apart from counting on a direct communication link via message panel.

Information on screen is up-dated instantly, since it is directly linked to the SQL Server database which is set in the central working station. In this way, we avoid any delay of external notification.

Its greatest potential resides in the visual impact it has for recognizing situations with a global perspective.

For further information, contact: ventas@softdemonitoreo.com

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