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ABITAB - URUGUAY : Model Monitoring System

ABITAB, market leader in money collection and payments in Uruguay, has chosen SoftGuard solutions for its corporative integrated monitoring station.

This successful implementation was done in August. Mr. Andrés Ciappesoni (CPP Asis) from Abitab was the coordinator of the project and Mr. Juan Jose Cabo and Mr. Hector Alvarez, executive managers from Teleimpresores S.A. also participated in the setting up of the Monitoring Operational center.

At present, Abitab owns 500 stores in over 100 cities in Uruguay (Montevideo, Artigas, Canelones, Rocha, Paysandu, Rivera, Tacuarembó and Colonia among other places) and carries out commercial transactions involving over 1,200,000 clients every month, providing them with several kinds of service: ticket selling, tickets and monthly parking fees, national and international money orders, public service payments, cell-phone virtual recharges for Claro-Movistar-Ancel, in-custody delivery, Cambilex currency exchange, Dhl, Western Union, Tiempost, RedBrou, etc.

Congratulations to Abitab Group and Teleimpresores on this successful implementation.

SoftGuard Technologies Team

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