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A usual, we like sharing accomplishment, success and a pro-active attitude. This time, we’ll refer to INTEGRADORA DE ALARMAS of CV, Puebla, Mexico.

Lic. Fernando de la Vega and all his team make technology and top quality service available for your company and apply an evolution and growth policy: More service, more income!

SOFTGUARD Suite, is the ERP integral system of monitoring and management in Integradora.

From their site, customers are able to access all the monitoring data on-line and in real time.

Integradora also owns the Web Report to Authorities automated module and the integrated systems on-line of telephone call recording “SG LOGGER 2”, among others.

They are a great example of sustainable integration, where each step in system incorporation is related to a new business or market. Congratulations, INTEGRADORA Team!

We’d like to know more about you.

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