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Workshop on certification for SG administrators

December 16th, 2010

A successful WORKSHOP ON CERTIFICATION for SoftGuard administrators was carried out in Buenos Aires on December 10th.

Unlike previous events, this workshop was a 100% practical one so that people who attended it were able to work on PCs and apply all the contents learned in a realistic way.

Some of the topics dealt with were:

*SQL SERVER database engine: installation, configuration and maintenance process.

*SG MONITORING main SoftGuard module: installation, configuration and complete setting process.

*VIDEO ALARM PIR-CAM SG VIDEO with configuration of new devices.

*Bidirectional SMS configuration for high power reception of events coming from mobile phones and sending of alarm notifications.

*MapGuard and GPS Patrol Cars Control configuration of the system for audits and fixed accounts and patrol cars control via GPS in full screen.

*Advanced integration with DVR HIK VISION devices for video alarm verification.

We thank all the 25 people that attended the workshop for their participation.



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