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SG TrackGuard SG TrackGuard

This module allows survaillance and monitoring of the equipment mounted on vehicles, loads and even people (Msd) using the AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems and relates them to the client’s account at the central system. It is compatible with GPS tracking, radial triangulation, cellular networks, Doppler and others. Futhermore, it is apt for communication through radio, cell phone, trunking, GPRS and CDMA-1X, satellite and paging. The GIS engine uses Google Maps® digitalized cartography and requires an API Premier License.

The TrackGuard SoftGuard Module was developed to track and monitor the GPS equipment installed in vehicles, loads and even on people (Msd) and relates them to the central system customer’s accounts.

The system has 2 functional modules: the first one is used for the visualization of events and system management, and the second one is a Windows SG TrackGuard Port service which captures the data from the AVL devices, uploading them into the SQL Server database and informing SG Monitoring for alarm management.

Cartography is 100% Web compatible using Google Maps®.

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