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Begin 2007 with 777 Special Offer

Start 2007 with your Monitoring Station absolutely renewed! 777 PLAN

Integral alarm monitoring SoftGuard running Windows

777 PLAN

.7% discount in the whole purchase

.7 monthly installments to cancel the debt

.7 month-technical after service support included free of charge.

Take this opportunity now! This promotion is valid till January 10, 2007

The pack includes:

-SoftGuard for Alarm Monitoring, multiuser and multi-format with 1 working station, installation, configuration and start up via Internet.

-Beginners on-line training course. The installation manuals are written in Spanish. The system is compatible with all the receivers in the market.

-Automated dispatch of reports via e-mail. Alert warning per event to SMS or mobile e-mail.

-GPRS and TCP-IP monitoring without need of a Receiver.

-False alarm statistics. Multiple schedules control.

-SoftGuard for 1000 accounts = 7 monthly installments of u$s 430.-*

-SoftGuard for unlimited accounts = 7 monthly installments of u$s 750.-*

*Prices in dollars, without finance charges. FOB Miami, FL USA. Shipping charges not included.

For further information, contact:

E-mail: info@softdemonitoreo.com

Phone: +1 (786) 866 2138


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