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ALAS Technological Meeting - Puerto Rico 2015
March 27th, 2015

The ALAS Technological Meeting – Puerto Rico will take place on March 27th.


Technological meetings are spaces provided by ALAS for technological updates, as well as commercial and academic differences in the region.


During these meetings, you will find conferences, commercial displays and Networking options.


Mr. Daniel Banda, CEO of SoftGuard, will participate at the event by conducting a speech:


The role of smartphones in security

Smartphones have currently excelled with a main role of protecting the life and integrity of lives for various reasons, among them is the fact that it is an element that is permanently available, we always have our phone with us, we keep track of the battery available and most people feel unable to be without it.

Also, smartphones a very powerful from technological perspective considering that they allow digital communication using different methods (WiFi – 3G - SMS) and also include GPS tracking and video/audio multimedia capabilities which are very helpful not only for physical protection, but also during vehicle brakdowns, medical emergencies and fires among other possible situations.


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See you there!

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